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Great Tasting Water in Saguaro National Park

This is a photo of Chimenea Creek at the Grass Shack Campground in Saguaro NP. I have been putting my water filter to the test and will be heading back Sunday to see if I can make it to Rincon Peak. Hopefully there is some water there or it may not workout. I underestimated the elevation gain/loss on this first trip and had to hike out to replan. On day one I hiked 7 miles gaining 3000 feet while losing some in the process. On day two I hiked 9 miles gaining 4000 feet. Day three was a rest day, but I still had to hike down nearly 3000 feet in only 4.5 miles. I rested that afternoon. Had I not done that I would most likely not have been able to complete day four’s 13.5 mile 2000 up and 4000 feet down trek back to my truck. Still feeling it as I write this. Needless to say I did not take a lot photos on this trip. 

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