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Getting in shape on the Arizona Trail

First day on the trail. I hiked north from the trailhead and after a few hours the trail turned into national forest roads. They were not well marked so I turned around, passed were I started and continued for several miles on great single track trail. I ran into a mountain biker who had just helped the trail association complete five new miles of single track further south. Soon I found myself on forest roads again and I wasn’t positive which fork to follow. I turned around, made camp and took in the forest sounds. The next day, while taking my boots off at my truck, a couple of hikers approached from the north. One asked if I was hunting. I said “no just hiking.” They had started at the Utah border and had been on the trail for 20 days or so. I told them of my navigation problems and they shared info on an app the guides you without reception using GPS. Gonna check this out.

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