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Calm Day Before the Wind

This was a really good day for hiking on the AZ Highline Trail. The cloud cover was nice for a change. I hiked for 10 hours with breaks which was about 15 miles of trail. When I got to the campsite at 6pm it was still calm. I listened to my book for awhile and then decided to try and fall asleep. Pretty much right at that moment, a completely surprise wind started to roar and I had a night of 30 mph wind gusts until I reached my truck at 9am the next morning. It felt to me like I was on the summit of Everest. With zero sleep I waited until the break of dawn so I could see the trail and I hoofed it out of there. I had forgotten about wind.

One thought on “Calm Day Before the Wind

  1. You are getting some good and bad experiences of the trail for sure.

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