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Browns Peak

This is me and the other 3 peaks. If you read the trail description for the browns peak summit you may be a bit scared to attempt this walk in the park. Although it was the hardest climb I had ever done I wasn’t that bad. The trail was easy to follow since so many people have conquered it over the years. Many parts were nearly vertical and my rock climbing experience proved valuable. There were good hand holds that gave me confidence to keep going. Once I was on top I enjoyed the views and had a look at the notebook left in a jar for people to sign their names etc. The little notebook was full, so hopefully someone will switch it out. I wonder if these notes and names are kept somewhere that can be looked up or if they are lost forever.

Cool looking tree I spotted on the way down.

Right along the trail there is this old car pile up full or bullet holes.

I passed this on the first day and the skull was not there. Three days later I passed it again and took this pic.

3 thoughts on “Browns Peak

  1. JulieAnn Heinrich says:

    Hey Nate, sounds like your adventures are lofty and beautiful!
    I need to sign up for your blog….enjoy your foot travels!

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