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Not Sure How This Happened

There is a nail in the tree and some human markings but what caused this strange star like carving? This was taken on the See Canyon trail near Payson. There is a good flowing spring called See Spring near here. I did not try the water but I’m sure it is better than the spring I tasted early this morning. Yesterday I started from the Barnhardt Trailhead and hiked 5 miles up the mountains to the Mazatzal Divide Trail skirting Mazatzal Peak. I’ll be back to conquer that peak someday. Anyway, I had hopes of staying up in this beautiful range and I thought the water source would be sufficient, however when I filtered some of bear springs water and took a taste it was sulfur water. The reports on Guthook were positive but the AZT thru-hikers must be more seasoned than me.

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