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Failed Attempt to Summit Picketpost Mountain

I arrived at the trailhead near sunrise anticipating to hike a section of the AZT for the day. The mountain in front of me was mesmerizing and shortly into the hike I saw hints of a summit trail on the trail marking sticks. When I got to the one with an arrow pointing toward the mountain I decided I would give it a try even though I did not know a thing about the route. At first it was switchbacks leading up closer to the base followed by a steep trail cutting through large boulders. There were several cairns marking the way and then there were two separate cairns, in different locations, as if there was a fork in the trail. I stopped for awhile and thought about what to do. I decided to go back down and read up on this confusing trail. At one point I slipped on loose gravel and almost fell on my face. I scratched my legs pretty good but I didn’t slide down twenty feet or anything like that so it barely phased me. I read up on the trail and may return for another attempt.

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