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Welcomed sunshine after the rain

I reached Goat camp after a full days hike and set up my tent expecting some rain. The wind started first and then came the rain which continued throughout the next day and into the following morning. This put my gear to the test. My waterproof boots were soaked after hiking the overgrown trail to Vicente flat. Rather than hike out and drive to the multiple expensive logging options along the coast I decided to set up my tent to ride it out until morning. I thought it would let up a bit in the afternoon so I could get out of the tent to do some exploring but the rain continued non-stop. I was able to keep my sleeping bags and camera dry. In the morning I hiked out and drove to the town of Big Sur and I found the first cell reception I had in three days. I checked in with family, bought a tasty sandwich from the Big Sur Deli and headed back down the curvy highway to find an open campsite right on the ocean. As I dried my gear a cute little girl in a Santa hat came over from a neighboring site speaking a language I could not understand. She went on and on and her father told me that Santa had come a day early and she was trying to tell me about it in German. Fell asleep under the stars that night while listening to the waves crash on the shore.

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