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Secret free car camping

This was taken as I drove up a coastal road that heads east through the mountains. You can see a little stretch of the highway 1 near the center. I thought I could  get to some trailheads the would take me to Cone peak. A little way up the road there was a sign saying there are two campgrounds about ten miles ahead. I was beginning to notice that there were no signs along the coast highway that tell you where the trailheads are and there were no signs for these campgrounds on the main highway. I suppose if they marked everything well the tourists would swarm and overcrowd these precious areas. I remember other instances and this locals only, need to no basis mentality in Southern California. I also can imagine if there was good cell phone reception in Big Sur there would be masses of people roaming around staring at there phones and drivers on the highway doing the same. Sounds like a disaster waiting to happen. So I got up to the first campground and was almost going to pay the $20 fee when a park service truck pulled up and asked if I had stayed there the night before. I said no and he informed me that you can camp for free up the road. I took him up on this offer and I stayed for two nights at a backwoods site next to a sparkling clear creek.


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