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Prewitt Loop Trail

I hope that I got the poison oak from this trail. That would mean if I use modern research techniques for my next trip (i.e. the internet) I would be able to hike the clear trails without being affected by this annoying pest. I saw it on all the trails but for the most part I was able to tip-toe around it. This trail was very over grown in the beginning but after I was in about 20 minutes I decided to keep going. I read the trail summary and the beginning of the trail description in my guide book before I started and my plan was to go to Stag camp for lunch and head to Kelly camp for the night, wake up and hike out to my truck in the morning. After a questionable hike where I sometimes felt like I was on a cow path I arrived at Stag camp. I ate a bagel with peanut butter on it and read the entire trail description. It read as follows, “Past this point the trail is sketchy and not recommended.” Had I known this before I started I probably would not have even attempted this one. My only reward was this crazy tree. Two days later I felt the itch on my forearm.

2 thoughts on “Prewitt Loop Trail

  1. Nice pictures, Nate. Too bad about the poison oak.

  2. nathanse says:

    Thanks Mom. Poison oak is almost gone.

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