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Panamint Valley

After camping at Emigrant camp for the first night I woke up and headed for the valley that runs parallel to Death Valley on the west side. I saw some ghost town ruins on the map so I hit the dirt roads to check them out. Not the typical ghost town you would expect but wells worth the effort.

After the ghost town I came across this mailbox. One the other side of the road there was a driveway and a port-a-potty. A sign said private property, by appointment only. It’s easy to believe that there are ufo’s in the area when there is a navel weapons center right next door. They often put on a show and fly jets over Death Valley at night. When I got back to the campground there was a little girl in pterodactyl costume playing near hear father’s van. Later that night I taught a group of campers how to play yuker explaining how I was 90% sure I had it right. The group included two guys form Denmark who where traveling for 6 months, A guy traveling from Texas who said he was going to go to Thailand next and a guy from California who was celebrating his divorce.

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