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Snow in Death Valley

I woke up in the back of my truck. This was the first trip with my camper top on the back and it was a great wind and rain protector. Now I can add snow to the list because when I tried to lift up the back window, which usually takes minimal effort, it wouldn’t budge. I tried harder and it opened to reveal a blanket of snow covering everything in sight.

I drove down into the valley and the snow seemed to stop at about 1000 feet. Below that there was lots of water on the roads. Many travelers were stuck waiting for the mountain passes to open.

I let the snow melt for awhile since the pass had been closed due to the storm. Then I headed back to Panamint Valley to see how things looked on that side of the mountain. Must be some sort of micro-climate going on because the only snow was on the slope where I was camped. While over here I passed a cyclist with full road gear two times. He had to pedal up the mountain shown above. Later while out on a walk a dusk I saw him wizzing down the road wondering if he was going to stop at the camp. I turns out he did. Tex came back that night along with the Danish guys and the recently divorced dude. Tex and I chatted with the biker before the others arrived. He was from Scotland and was biking from Canada to Argentina. The others rolled in and we played a few games of bullshit until our hands were too cold to hangout any longer.

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