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Hiking the Colorado Trail

I started The Colorado Trail on June 28th at 1 pm in Waterton Canyon. The first couple of days were hot down in the low elevation. On the third day, although I did not need a break, I hitched into Baily on a dirt forest road. It only took about 5 minutes and I was picked up by a couple out on a day hike. I stayed at a hostel and got a covered campsite for $20. The fourth day was a beautiful hike that started with a climb up to a meadow that must have been over five miles long. The meadow is in the photo above. After the meadow the trail descended down to the next water source with campsites along the trail. While walking down it started to hail hard enough that I had to hide under a tree to avoid the painful pelting. Stayed warm that night but everything was a bit damp. The next day I decided to hitch into Fairplay which is the town the show Southpark is based on. Again I didn’t really need to go to town but I was killing time to let the snow melt in the sections after Breckenridge. The next morning the hitch back to the trail took a little longer but it was nine in the morning. I did a shorter hike on day six, still killing time for the melt and I wanted to see if some more hikers came through. On July fourth I hiked a 20 mile day over Georgia pass which is where The Colorado trail joins the continental divide trail for about 300 miles. I met some CT hikers going to Durango with me and some CDT hikers going the other way headed for Canada. It’s day eight and I’m sitting in a coffee shop charging batteries.

2 thoughts on “Hiking the Colorado Trail

  1. Great to hear the “whole story”. Hoping for great days ahead!

  2. JulieAnn Heinrich says:

    Hi Nate,
    Love the CT meadow photo! I don’t see any floral color–any wildflowers in the meadow/on the trail? Great to read your posts and live vicariously through your photos and narratives.
    Take care, Julie

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