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Everyone is talking about section 7

Yesterday morning I hiked up to the 1st water source after crossing hwy 9 between breck and Frisco. I fired up the stove and made coffee. Then as I was heating water for my bacon and eggs my fuel ran out. I took a nap and thought about going back to get more. Then coming up the trail was fun dip, Vulcan, bean, sky and cracker. They encouraged me to come with and get fuel in copper mountain. I did just that and it was probably a good choice considering we were going up into some deep wet snow.

This was the long traverse over the slush. I did fall once but I was able to stop myself from sliding down 200 feet or so.

Me finishing the long traverse. Cracker is the small speck behind me.

2 thoughts on “Everyone is talking about section 7

  1. So nice you had companions thru the snow

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