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How I got the name Shady Stix and section 8

So I’ve been hiking around since October and I new about trail names but I figure it wasn’t just something you came up with on your own. So one day I was watching March madness with my sister and they did a story on a team and one of the guys nicknames was Stix. My sister said that would be a good trail name for you. I thought about it and it made sense. My hiking poles are call sticks. Got this from Manny in Texas. There’s a lot of sticks on the trail and it’s a four letter word. I’m sure I’m leaving something out. So when I started my section hike on the pct I introduced myself as Stix. After awhile Chris the Aussie and I started hiking at the same pace. He was great company so this worked out great. The lower elevations in SoCal are hot and I was always on the lookout for the best shade to rest. Chris would say how about here…and I would say no let’s try for better. So one day Chris said what do you think of the name Shady. I liked it and decided to keep both. So I have a first and last trail name. Mr. Stix

I noticed this creek further down and it didn’t look as clear as the creek I just filled up my bottles at. If you look closely you can see where a muddy side creek mixes with the clear water above.

Evidence of a small avalanche. I saw some much larger than this and walked threw one that crossed the trail. What a mess.

Up high in the mountains and me at Kokomo pass. Not as hard as 7 but still a lot of work.

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