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The eastern collegiate loop

It is day 26 and I am at mile 357.8 in lake city. This town is full of Texans on ohv’s. Got lucky and hitched a ride into town with 3 other hikers yesterday. Hopefully the hitch back is easy. I just went through the eastern collegiate loop and the flat continental divide section that leads up to the San Juan mountains. I only had 1 bar for most of this less appealing hike. I would have done the western collegiate but there was still a lot of snow. Someday I will do the CDT and have another opportunity as they are part of main trail.

Cool lake as I came down to the the road that goes into Buena Vista.

The Harvard lakes. One of the better parts of the eastern loop.

You seen a lot of teepee structures in these parts. Plenty of poles scattered about.

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